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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wacky Wednesday Wisdom

"Never buy cereal without a coupon, and only when it is on sale."
                                           Catch Her in the Wry

The truth is I don't often eat dry cereal.  It is generally soaked with sugar or otherwise tastes like cardboard or sometimes like cardboard with sugar on it. When there are children or a cereal-loving spouse in the household, however, one is forced to add boxed cereal to the grocery list.

The stuff is just so dang expensive.  So stockpiling it when it is on sale and using discount coupons is the only way I can justify the expenditure.  There is not much worry about spoilage since box cereals seem to have a long, long shelf life.

As a youngster, I did eat cereal and my favorite was eating directly out of a small box, generally  from a "variety pack" which satisfied all the assorted preferences of the family.  The box was perforated and the diner could open flaps, pour milk in over the cereal, and eat right from the box.  No messy dishes for Mom. Modern packaging has shifted eating from a box to eating from a cup.

The secret weapon of a good mother to keep small children occupied is a handful of Cheerios, which is probably why it tops the most popular cereal lists every year.

The only way I really crave cereal is if there is a bowl of homemade Chex Party Mix, not the commercial bagged kind that tastes like chemicals.  Adding melted butter, Worcestershire sauce, nuts, pretzels, garlic and other seasonings to three kinds of boxed cereals and baking it all in the oven transforms the cardboard morsels into heavenly snack food that can be entirely consumed in a blink of an eye, with all the wheat chex eaten first.

You just may not want to kiss me in the morning.


Going Like Sixty said...

I miss Rice Krispie treats. I am a Special K eater now. Used to be a Frosted Flakes boy/man.

Don't forget about the Cheerios-potty training trick!

Catch Her in the Wry said...

gls: I always forget about the Cheerios potty training trick because it was very difficult for my daughters to hit the little hole.