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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking a break

No Tuesday Titillation this week. My daughter and her husband are here for about 36 hours from San Francisco, and I don't want to take even one minute away from them.

I haven't seen them in person since December, but thanks to Skype we can at least hug our computer monitors and pretend. But real visits are sooooooo much better than virtual ones!

I'll be back on the blog on Wednesday some time.


Red Shoes said...

What a great looking couple!!! And they live in my favorite city!!

Enjoy your visit and time with them!!


Memphis said...

I hugged my computer monitor once, but I squeezed it a little too tight and now, well, it has a restraining order against me.

Catch Her in the Wry said...

Red: I had a great time, but it's always too little.

Memphis: Those sumo wrestler images can get a bit testy sometimes; next time try hugging the image of a beautiful woman. You might get better results.

Alice said...

My favorite city too! Skype is great, isn't it? We visit our daughter in NYC and her SO nearly every weekend this way. Or she visits us.