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Monday, September 27, 2010

Music Monday and Some Randomness

1.  I found out that there are people who actually read blogs on Saturdays, so I will continue my attempt to post something seven days week (at least until tax season when things might get readjusted). I will keep doing lazy memes on Sundays because I need one day each week that I don't have to think too hard.

2.  Last Photo Friday I posted pictures of my grandparents and wrote of my grandmother's "haunting eyes."  This was a bit of an inside joke to see how observant you are.  People were fascinated at my disclosure of being an amblyope and the one-eye-crossed face I can make.  Go back and look at my grandmother's eyes again and you'll notice her lazy left eye that I inherited.  Were you just being polite by not mentioning it or did you miss it altogether?

3.  Here's your Music Monday to start out the week.  From "3-2-1 Contact," a PBS children's show from the 1980's and featuring the distinctive voice of Leon Redbone:

4.  And a special happy birthday wish to my very own Annie Oakley (who loved watching "3-2-1 Contact" as a kid and has put all that knowledge from it to good use).

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