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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Secrets for a youthful middleage

Someone told me it was hard to tell how old the picture was in my recent Halloween post. When I said it was taken nearly 20 years ago, she said I really hadn't changed that much and asked how I do it.

Here are my secrets:

1. Pick the right DNA. My maternal grandmother died in her 90's and looked 75. My mother is 84 and has few wrinkles. I was always carded well into my 30's.

2. Have very, very thick hair as a youth. As your hair thins when you age, you'll still have much more hair on your head than there is on the bathroom floor.3. Stay out of the sun (and tanning booths) and don't smoke. Especially don't do both. Of course when you're young you think it doesn't matter, but one day you'll look in the mirror and see a dried up, brown reptile coughing up green stuff staring back at you.

4. Don't grow very tall. People always think short people are younger than they really are. Maybe because they can buy clothes in the kids' department. Who looks youngest in this picture?

5. Unless you're already a dried up, brown lizard, you don't need to be rubbing all kinds of junk into your face. The more rubbing that's done, the more wrinkles you get because you're stretching the skin. Just wash with a good soap, splash water to remove it and pat dry.
6. Don't dye your hair. You're not fooling anyone. We all know that no person over 50 has naturally golden blond or jet black hair. Even Barbie.

7. Avoid botox, plastic surgery, and any of the other hot eternal youth solutions, unless you want to look like all the other androids.

8. Dress your age. Nothing says old lady skank or old man pervert than wearing something more appropriate for a 20 year old.

9. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

10. Get plenty of sleep. She not called Sleeping Beauty for nothing. It's always the ugly old witches who are flying around at night.

11. Keep moving. Notice I didn't say exercise. Run amuck.
12. Have a sense of humor. If you want a long life, it's inevitable you'll get old so you might as well enjoy the trip. And it will be so much easier to find someone to change your adult diaper if you can laugh about it.


Lori Stewart Weidert said...

I agree with all of your tips except for #5. I am oil-impaired. Soap will make my face look like the Utah salt flats. PRODUCT! I need product! Luckily, I have found a $10 product (Eucerin Q10) that outperforms any $60 product on the market. Thus, I look only my age, on a good day.

Catch Her in the Wry said...

I swear by old fashioned Camay soap. It's so creamy and moist and smells great, but it's not easy to find.

white rabbit said...

Looking at the pic for helpful tip 8 has put ten years on me. And turned me green.


(I originally posted this under your last posting! sorry! Don't mind me...)

Catch Her in the Wry said...

white: I was happy I couldn't find a frontal exposure of that woman.

I was going to respond to your comment and saw it was deleted. Thanks for reposting. By the way, I finally ordered your book and look forward to reading it.

white rabbit said...

You ordered my book???

My heroine!!!