"Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom" Albert Einstein

"A dame who knows the ropes isn't likely to get tied up." Mae West

Thursday, February 25, 2010

An avalanche of paperwork

I will return as soon as I dig myself out. If I'm not back by Tuesday, send a dog with a cask of whiskey. Jack Black preferred.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Size does matter. Be healthy.

My biggest time waster - other people

The person who emailed me numerous times for the email addresses of the others in our organization: If you would just look at the top of every single one of my emails to you in the "To:" box you will see everyone's email address. Please copy and paste in your own address book and quit bothering me to send you a list.

The person who wants to be reminded of our meetings: We meet every month/quarter at the same place, at the same time, and on the same day of the month (i.e. second Monday). Either mark your calendar, put an alarm on your digital calendar, or slap a post-it note on your face to help you remember. You're an adult and I am not your mother.

The uninformed: Don't waste other people's time at meetings asking for explanations on issues that were discussed previously at the past several meetings which you neglected to attend. You had been given copies of all minutes and reports for those meetings. All your questions would have been answered had you read the reports that we spent time writing and distributing.

The accuser: Again, if you had read all the reports given to you prior to the meeting or listened at the meetings, you would know that all those things you are just now questioning were done months ago.

The appointment absentee: I have a very busy schedule, but I make time for my appointments. You could at least call and tell me you're not coming or at the very least, call and apologize later in the day. I have other clients more important and courteous than you who deserve that time.

The convenience store customer: Must you take the time to use a debit card for a $1.50 coffee when there is a line of seven people behind you who are hurrying to get to work.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The gray area between right and wrong

As some of you have previously learned, I do not subscribe to cable TV and therefore don't get to watch some series until they are available on DVD.

I just finished watching season one of AMC's "Breaking Bad," and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys intelligent, off-beat dramas with bits of dark humor. I have not enjoyed a series this much since HBO's "Six Feet Under."
Actor Bryan Cranston, whom I loved in Malcolm in the Middle, truly deserves those Emmys he's picked up for his role. He shifts effortlessly from mild-mannered, hen-pecked teacher to cancer patient to drug bad-ass.

The writing is superb and interjects bits of philosophy and chemistry into a storyline of a dying high school chemistry teacher joining forces with a former pupil in a meth making business in order to generate an endowment for his family's future after he's gone.

Every character in the show appears to be breaking the law in some form or another and begs the question of where that line between right and wrong really exists.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And yet I have time to write this...

5:30 am family medical emergency; scooped snow from sidewalk for ambulance
4 1/2 inches of snow last night
7:30 am came home,changed clothes and went to work
8:00 am scooped snow from office sidewalk
8:30-6 taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes
3:30pm more snow plus blowing and drifting
6 pm eat dinner
7 pm clean bathroom at relative's house because of medical emergency (not looking forward to that)
8 pm taxes
9 pm The Office reruns
10 pm zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Blues

House Beautiful magazine featured everything blue in their issue this month.

The color blue is one of my favorites. Actually denim blue, navy blue and baby blue to be exact. People say my blue eyes look bluer when I wear blue.
Sometimes even brown eyes can become blue.

Blue makes many people happy.
There are blue mountains:

And blue oceans:
And blue skies:
Blue jeans:
Blue beer:
Blue whales:
Blue men:

Blue moons:

Blue(s) brothers:

Blue bayous:

Even blue monsters:
But it can also make people sad.

Fortunately for you blue bloods, there are blue bars for those times you just can't handle being blue:

And if you don't know what a blue note is, you don't know blues.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hollerin @ Hooters - Part 2

I couldn't resist posting a link to this story sent to me by my blogging buddy Going Like Sixty.

As you can see Hooters gives a great deal of money to children's charities and, the Lutheran Church is very happy to accept it. I'd like to hear the rationalization for accepting that money.

(This reminds me of a local church who had a religious retreat for men at a local bar where the video machines proudly displayed animated images of women's enormous "coconuts." And you wonder why I am such a skeptic of organized religion?)

So perhaps I was wrong in my assumption about Hooter's targe market; it's really children, who are so grateful for the charitable contributions that they'll beg to have their birthday parties with the hot girls in short shorts.

I long for the old days of the Playboy clubs, where adult men were sequestered privately with half-naked young women, and no children were allowed.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hollerin @ Hooters

There was a conversation going on among some social networking friends on the topic of whether or not it was OK to hold a boy's 14th birthday party at Hooter's. The question also was asked if other parents would object to their child attending the party there. (At least they asked!)

I didn't voice my opinion there, but I will here in my own blog. If a parent even considers asking the question, "Is it OK...," most likely the answer is no it is not.

I guess I must be very old-fashioned because the responses there were, yes it is OK and yes I would allow my son to attend and yes my son has been there many times with his dad.

Yes, dads do love to spend some quality time with their sons when large chests are bouncing around.

The restaurant name is a euphemism for women's breasts (just in case you had no idea). You could call it Jugs, Puppies, Casabas, Kahunas, Coconuts, Twin Peaks, Boobies, Mounds, etc., and say all you want about how great the hot wings are that they serve there , but that is not what this restaurant is selling and that is not why one chooses to dine there and we all know it.

Happy birthday, little boy. Wanna try some hot wings?

This is not a restaurant chain; it is a bar that serves alcohol and bar food to a target audience of adult males, not children. The purpose of the eye candy is to encourage spending money there but not on soft drinks.

If the picture above showed three 20 something men in loin cloths leaning close in and rubbing themselves on a 14 year old girl, would these parents be so willing to subject their daughters to such atrocity?

Let the boys be children while they can. There will still be plenty of jug jiggling around when they go off to college.