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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Post Time

I'm never sure if I should write a post for Saturdays.  Does anyone ever read blogs on Saturday? Or for that matter does anyone read blogs at all since facebook and twitter?  Other bloggers have asked similar questions:

"And of course I hear how blogs are dying....  I'm too wordy and personal for facebook though.  I figure I'm an acquired taste and don't like to ASSUME anyone will want to read me..."  (The Sandwich Life)
I'm right there with you, Cynthia.

The statistics here say that there are a few people reading this blog, but the majority are other bloggers.  Yes, we read each other's blogs for entertainment and knowledge or just plain nosiness, but we also read them for reciprocal love. We all say that we only write for ourselves, but along comes the admiration of a fellow writer and boom, our egos get hooked on raising those readership numbers. Then some even start thinking they can earn money doing this.

I have been fortunate enough to meet a couple of fellow bloggers, and although we may disagree on many things (especially politics), we have found common-ground that gets us through some enjoyable lunches together.  It's a mutual admiration society of writers.

I do have a few non-blogging readers.  One person likes it so much she has had links to it on her facebook page, and now she has become my new best facebook friend. You did hear me right -one person. I've never met her, but she appears to be a very, very interesting person and SHE LIKES ME!

But I digress. Back to Saturday postings - Aren't blog readers too busy with errand-running, yard work, farmers markets, home-town events, football games, and children's activities on Saturdays?  Or do they check their phones or other portable devices in between activities and spend 30 seconds reading a post the blogger has spent 10 minutes or more writing?

Just as you suspected, this is a test.  If you're reading this, leave a comment, even if it just says "I'm here." I'd like to see how many people read blogs on a Saturday - well, this blog anyway. Besides, I need to calibrate my stat counter.


white rabbit said...

*holds up hand*

I'm here. But not for long. Things to do...


The Fearless Freak said...

Here. I have a few minutes in the morning to check blogs, then again at bedtime.

the sandwich life said...

well of course I'M here!

Going Like Sixty said...

If I have a computer and a connection I am checking blogs.

BUT: people who write posts only once or twice a month are not bloggers. They are akin to note-passers in school compared to us serious writers. *choke*

Crockhead said...


Holly said...

I mostly read blogs on Saturdays, when I don't have to work or do a million things after work...so yes!

@GoingLikeSixty: I guess I'm just a note passer in school, then. Oh well.

Anonymous said...


Catch Her in the Wry said...

Thanks to all of you, and special thanks to Anonymous who finally came out of the closet - sort of.