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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Frenzy

Liberals are protesting in front of Target stores because the corporation gave $150,000 to a pro-business Republican candidate's campaign.  Other corporations, such as Curves, have blatantly supported conservative issues, and there are no protesters to be seen in front of their storefronts.

Perhaps Target is being targeted because it wears a target on its back.
If you've noticed someone stalking you at the movies over the years, it was probably Alfred Hitchcock (born today in 1899).

This is as frightening as a Hitchcock movie, unless you're a government employee:
Never buy into the argument that government workers are being paid high salaries because they could earn more in the private job arena. USA Today has this article with the facts.  And recently our Illinois governor gave raises to his staff even though the State is broke.
I like Ayn Rand's novels and philosophy, but this guy took his enthusiasm a bit far. Using his GPS he issued a global message on Google Earth by driving 22,238 miles through 30 states.  Although flattering, I'm not sure Rand would have approved of this.  There are much better ways to be more productive with one's time and abilities.


Going Like Sixty said...

Target used corporate money - my money since I'm a part owner - to try to buy an election.

As I read the Curves story, (and I didn't read it all) they just give money directly to causes the CEO supports. And they aren't publicity held.

Big diff.

Next: Larry will elucidate... Larry?

Catch Her in the Wry said...

GLS: I understand your point, but how many protesters out there do you think are actual stockholders? If you don't like what a particular corporation does with their profits, you should sell your tock. You and those who don't own stock should quit shopping there if they don't like the corporate actions. Voicing opinions through the pocket-book has much greater influence.

I brought in Curves to make a point that many people give businesses money and still indirectly support causes they don't believe in. I know many pro-abortion customers of Curves who on one hand give money to pro-choice organizations and yet their membership fees are supporting the opposite.

If one learns what the public or privately owned business philosophy is, and one doesn't agree but still continues to do business with them,then one is not very strong in one's convictions.

Just my opinion.