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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Tittillation

From the Star Tribune in Minneapolis/St. Paul comes this juicy bit of news:

An attorney and his Lutheran pastor wife listed their home for sale with a Realtor and then ran off to London for a four month holiday.

"While they were gone, they allege in a lawsuit filed last week, their real estate agent used their house and possessions for "unauthorized sexual escapades," staining their sheets, couch, carpet and other surfaces."
Neighbors had noticed a light on in a bedroom and talked to the Realtor, who was in the house, and said he was getting ready for an open house the next day. The Realtor was seen leaving with another gentleman.
"A brown leather sofa, two nearby chairs and two end tables appeared to have been recently stained or soiled. A stairway rug was similarly soiled, as were the sheets in the master bedroom.  Used towels were strewn around the bathroom. An open bottle of lotion was in the kitchen."
The pastor's negligee was also soiled. ( Ewwww! Not sure which image is worse in my head - a member of the clergy in a negligee or a strange guy in her negligee.)

The real estate office spent $7,482 to cover the damages.

Now the couple can't stay in the home.
"Since returning home in June, the family has tried to sleep in the house but found they couldn't stomach it. Instead, they've stayed with friends and relatives and are closing on a new house next week."
I'll bet they bought the new house from a different Realtor.


Stacy said...

Ew, ew, and ewwwwww! I would have had to burn any and all things "stained." That is just beyond gross.

Crockhead said...

Tell me, Catch, what should a female clergy member wear to bed, if not a negligee? Nothing?

white rabbit said...

I'm pondering the 'and other surfaces' bit. This si nota good thought.

Crockhead - maybe just a clerical collar ;)

Catch Her in the Wry said...

Ace: Yes, either that or plenty of Clorox.

Crock: Maybe nightgown or pajamas. Negligees are generally more provocative and see-through. What does your clergywoman wear? Perhaps it's just those wild, crazy Lutheran and Mennonite pastors who wear negligees. Now I'm wondering if nuns sleep naked. Perhaps all clery have a sexy side when the lights are out.

Catch Her in the Wry said...

white: There was an open bottle of lotion in the kitchen which tells me there was some greasy cooking going on in there.

Crockhead said...

I agree with White Rabbit. A clerical collar would be quite enough. Catch, don't you read the newspapers? It seems like the clergy are the only people getting any action these days.

Larry Wallberg said...

"It feels like we have been violated in every sense of the word."

I suppose the guy never stayed in a hotel room where previous guests might have screwed.

Hey, I'm sure he did feel kinda weirded out, but that statement is all about setting up his lawsuit. Attorneys do like to indulge in hyperbole, don't they?

Catch Her in the Wry said...

Larry: Depending on which Lutheran doctrine the pastor wife preaches, the "every sense of the word" violation could have been more about the genders of the couple involved than the dirty laundry left behind, but a smart attorney would suppress that issue and deflect to something else. At least that was my first thought when I read that statement.

Larry Wallberg said...

Yeah, I intended to note that in my comment as well. There's definitely an anti-gay undertone to the couple's response -- as well as the reporter's. Why did the lead paragraph talk about "sexual escapades"? What exactly made them "escapades" instead of just "encounters"?

Crockhead said...

I think when the sheets are stained it's an "encounter." When the sofa, two nearby chairs, two end tables and the stairway rug are stained, it's an "escapade."

Red Shoes said...

What A Post!!!!!!!

I'm laughing and almost repulsed at the Same TIME!!!



Catch Her in the Wry said...

Red:FISBO.com just got a spike in listings.