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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vinyl is dead

Some of us just can't give up our old vinyl albums.  Even with our CD collections and Ipods, there's something about the scratchy sounds of the record and the beautiful art of the album covers that are wistfully nostalgic.  Now there's something new in vinyl to attract all us baby boomers as we approach our final years.

A company in England, "And Vinyly,"  will mix your body ashes into vinyl particles and produce a vinyl album of you. 

According to a WiredUK article:
The process of setting human ashes into vinyl involves a very understanding pressing plant. Basically the ashes must be sprinkled onto the raw piece of vinyl (known as a “biscuit” or “puck”) before it is pressed by the plates. This means that when the plates exert their pressure on the vinyl in order to create the grooves, the ashes are pressed into the record.
You can pick your own playlist, including your favorite songs or sounds or even your own voice or your last will and testament. They'll even design an album cover or write an original song for you.

If you used to think you were groovy back in the 1960's, now you can prove it to your friends and family for eternity.


Holly said...


Red Shoes said...

I still have ALL of my vinyl! My turn table died a few years ago... they are still manufactured and still a large number of audiophiles that still desire/demand vinyl...

My daughter has tons of vinyl, and there are quite a number of sources/outlets in the NOLA area for it.

You know, what I miss the most is the artwork that became album covers, and many of the album inserts...

Crank it UP!!!


Catch Her in the Wry said...

Holly: My sentiments exactly, but I thought it was a great marketing gimmick.

Shoes: I have all my original vinyl plus lots more I picked up on the cheap at auctions. You can get wall picture frames for album covers.

I did give my Michael Jackson "Thriller" in a frame to my daughter for her birthday because she was born about the time that album was released.

white rabbit said...

All very odd. When I shuffle off this mortal coil they can just bury me. Also known as composting ;)