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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You must build the bust

All this talk about mammary glands these past few days got me thinking back to my teenage years when having a large chest seemed one of the most important things in the world.

I didn't mature (physically that is; there is still a question of social maturity) until my late teens and neither did my best friend, so we decided to order a Mark Eden Bust Developer from an ad in the back of one of our teen magazines.

The device turned out to be two plastic forms connected by a leather strap and a very strong spring in the center.  You cupped it in your hands and pushed in and out in various positions - in front of your chest, over your head, below your waist, etc., building up to 100 times or more for each position.  Essentially it was isometric exercises to build your pectoral muscles.

We knew it wasn't going to increase the size of our breasts, but we tried it anyway for the fun of it, exercising to the rhythm of

"You must, You must, You must build the bust."

 What it did do was give us better posture,  increase our chests circumferences, and firmed our upper arms.  Of course we could have gotten the same result pressing our hands together without the device.

So the Mark Eden Bust Developer was a bust.  It took the birth of two children to do the real enlargement.


Going Like Sixty said...

One of my first bad gifts for Nancy was a Tee shirt:
Itty-bitty Titty Club.
It's the cow hormones they add these days that put Mark Eden out of business.

white rabbit said...

Who was Mark Eden and did he have an - erm - large bust?

This is not good in a man. Or do I mean on a man. Oh never mind...