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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why not to rely on spellcheck

Reported by FoxNews:

It is a tiny misprint, but an Australian publisher had to pulp a cookbook after one recipe called for "salt and freshly ground black people" to be added to the dish, AFP reported Saturday.

We had recently had a conversation in our household about the overuse of spellcheck by editors and professionals (bank executives and attorneys) and the resulting poorly written documents that have come across our desks lately.

It is easier to forgive when the mistakes are in a blog, tweet, or other casual writing, but when it comes to printed publications and professional documents, please proof-read (note: "READ") and correct before the final print; otherwise your going to be sorry.

(Yes, I know there is a misprint, and it was intentional)


Red Shoes said...

Hey you... I totally agree!! I am amazed at the misspellings on the crawlers underneath the news screens that happen from time to time on the news channels that I watch.

Even though I do NOT teach English, I DO grade my students on spelling, subject/verb relationships, and other sentence structure errors in my classes. I tell them that those kinds of mistakes DO make a difference in the perception others have of their education.

Alice said...

What amazes (& amuses) me is the number of grammar errors I see in "professional" publications as well as those my ear pick up on tv news. It always turns me off to think I'm smarter than the editors (?do they have any?) on the major networks.