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Monday, February 1, 2010

Hollerin @ Hooters

There was a conversation going on among some social networking friends on the topic of whether or not it was OK to hold a boy's 14th birthday party at Hooter's. The question also was asked if other parents would object to their child attending the party there. (At least they asked!)

I didn't voice my opinion there, but I will here in my own blog. If a parent even considers asking the question, "Is it OK...," most likely the answer is no it is not.

I guess I must be very old-fashioned because the responses there were, yes it is OK and yes I would allow my son to attend and yes my son has been there many times with his dad.

Yes, dads do love to spend some quality time with their sons when large chests are bouncing around.

The restaurant name is a euphemism for women's breasts (just in case you had no idea). You could call it Jugs, Puppies, Casabas, Kahunas, Coconuts, Twin Peaks, Boobies, Mounds, etc., and say all you want about how great the hot wings are that they serve there , but that is not what this restaurant is selling and that is not why one chooses to dine there and we all know it.

Happy birthday, little boy. Wanna try some hot wings?

This is not a restaurant chain; it is a bar that serves alcohol and bar food to a target audience of adult males, not children. The purpose of the eye candy is to encourage spending money there but not on soft drinks.

If the picture above showed three 20 something men in loin cloths leaning close in and rubbing themselves on a 14 year old girl, would these parents be so willing to subject their daughters to such atrocity?

Let the boys be children while they can. There will still be plenty of jug jiggling around when they go off to college.


Going Like Sixty said...

"If the picture above..." is the perfect retort.
The answer is they probably would have been arrested.

Catch Her in the Wry said...

gls: Many parents will protect their daughters,but not their sons, from this type of behavior.

And, adult men do get arrested for doing the very same things adult woman do and don't get arrested for doing.

Crockhead said...

I like your point, but I really like the photos you use to illustrate your point.

white rabbit said...
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white rabbit said...

sorry pigged up original attempt at comment. Try again ...

More language related stuff I fear - Hooters is not an English English word. I had to have the word explained to me when I first came across them. The chain I mean not... Oh never mind.

Would the fact that the chain sells alcohol be a problem in itself as regards having children in it, putting aside all the - erm - hooters stuff?

Catch Her in the Wry said...

crock: My mature male readers need some stimulating pictures once in a while. Glad you enjoyed them.

white: These types of bars have their own type of boisterous, rowdy ambiance that regular restaurants which serve alcohol do not have.

There are many parents in the US that have no problem taking children into bars, although I personally would not expose my children to some of the language used and the uncivilized behavior often found there (i.e. drunkeness, loud belching and at times flatulence).

I think these types of establishments are designed for adult entertainment, and are not the places where young children should be entertained, especially for birthday parties.

Red Shoes said...

I agree, Catcher... they are visually stimulating... no doubt... but I totally agree with the idea that our kids grow up WAY too fast... I wish my children had remained kids a bit longer... :o(


Memphis said...

First of all, the wings aren't all that great there. In fact, none of the food is anything especially good.

Second, as one who has been outraged for years at the way our society has encouraged sexual violence against males of all ages I can't argue with you at all about the idea that sexualizing our children at a young age is anything other than a mistake. I have been in Hooters enough times to observe what generation's music is playing, what generation's Harleys are parked outside, and what generation is way overrepresented as customers in the restaurant to disagree that this is not a restaurant targeting teenaged boys. In fact, despite the fact that almost all of the waitresses I encounter there are currently enrolled college girls, I wouldn't even say that the chain is targeting college boys. It's targeting older men who have reached a point in life where the beautiful girls no longer even acknowledge their existence, and it hurts, so going into a place like Hooters and pretending these beautiful college girls actually give a damn about them is a bit like visiting Fantasy Island for the real target customers. They know the girls don't really like them or want to sit with them (usually), but everyone pretends not to know and then tips big as they are leaving as a way of saying "thanks for making me feel alive and happy for a little while before returning to my shitty gray world again."

So, there you have it. There is my oh-so-valuable opinion on the matter. I couldn't simply say "yes, I agree." You know me. I take three pages to say something like that.

Yes, I agree.