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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The gray area between right and wrong

As some of you have previously learned, I do not subscribe to cable TV and therefore don't get to watch some series until they are available on DVD.

I just finished watching season one of AMC's "Breaking Bad," and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys intelligent, off-beat dramas with bits of dark humor. I have not enjoyed a series this much since HBO's "Six Feet Under."
Actor Bryan Cranston, whom I loved in Malcolm in the Middle, truly deserves those Emmys he's picked up for his role. He shifts effortlessly from mild-mannered, hen-pecked teacher to cancer patient to drug bad-ass.

The writing is superb and interjects bits of philosophy and chemistry into a storyline of a dying high school chemistry teacher joining forces with a former pupil in a meth making business in order to generate an endowment for his family's future after he's gone.

Every character in the show appears to be breaking the law in some form or another and begs the question of where that line between right and wrong really exists.


Red Shoes said...

Hi there, Catcher... I often think about that as well... there are hideous scenes and events in that series... and as you say, its wonderfully produced and worth watching... but at the same time, you realize that the 'hero' of this series... really isn't a nice guy... I'm looking forward to the start of the 3rd year... to see what happens with his relationship with his wife...


Memphis said...

Breaking the law! Breaking the law!

He looks a little like Rob Halford of Judas Priest in that photo, wouldn't you say?

Catch Her in the Wry said...

shoes: Don't hand out any spoilers. I'm starting season two when it comes out in March.

I'm not sure I understand why Walter is married to that woman. She seems to be always be telling him what he should do. I think he finds freedom in his alter life and he certainly has nothing to lose since he's dying anyway.

memphis: A little like him, yes.

I especially like the fact that he is breaking the law right under the nose of his DEA brother-in-law.

Red Shoes said...

But... the DEA brother-in-law is a doofus... as you will see in Season 2...

Hmm.. I hadn't thought about his feeling empowered by this activity... he's stepping outside that role of high school teacher... and into lesser defined, riskier role... kind of like going to costume parties... give people just a little something to hide behind... and do they EVER change...

No spoilers, Catcher... :o)