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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hollerin @ Hooters - Part 2

I couldn't resist posting a link to this story sent to me by my blogging buddy Going Like Sixty.

As you can see Hooters gives a great deal of money to children's charities and, the Lutheran Church is very happy to accept it. I'd like to hear the rationalization for accepting that money.

(This reminds me of a local church who had a religious retreat for men at a local bar where the video machines proudly displayed animated images of women's enormous "coconuts." And you wonder why I am such a skeptic of organized religion?)

So perhaps I was wrong in my assumption about Hooter's targe market; it's really children, who are so grateful for the charitable contributions that they'll beg to have their birthday parties with the hot girls in short shorts.

I long for the old days of the Playboy clubs, where adult men were sequestered privately with half-naked young women, and no children were allowed.

1 comment:

Red Shoes said...

Hmm... worshiping at the altar of Hooters... I imagine many of us guys have done or do that... :oD

I guess that's one of those examples of God working in strange ways...

'I giveth they massive coconuts... go forth and raise money for charities...'

I'd buy that...