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Sunday, November 27, 2011

On the road this week

1.  If you want to turn right from the left lane, it might be a good idea to at least use your turn signal so I can anticipate slamming on my brakes.
2.  If you're in front of me, you want to turn left, and you turn your left signal on,  please don't pass 11 intersections and travel 4 miles before you finally decide to make the turn.

3.  If you suddenly come up behind me from out of nowhere and then ride my bumper for several miles, even though there were plenty of opportunities to pass me, I don't even need to confirm that you are talking on your cell phone.

4.  If you have a cup of coffee in one hand and you're applying mascara to your eyelashes with the other hand, I hope you have auto-pilot in your car or a third arm.


Dazee Dreamer said...

Oh wow. love this. today we got to a 3 way stop LAST, and the other 2 just were too afraid to go, so we did. something is terribly wrong with this picture.

Tom said...

I know ... a lot of drivers out there are crazy! Best to stay off the roads over T'giving if you possibly can.

That said, we have three kids driving back to their schools or apts. this Sun. nite. So here's a wish for them, and everyone else, to arrive safely.

white rabbit said...

I deal with a lot of road traffic accidents workwise. the following are als ocontra-indicated:

Smoking and driving, texting and driving, driving when a gibbering wreck having just given up your 60 a day cigarette habit, driving when hog whimpering drunk, driving when slightly drunk,driving when indulging in activities best done in private and when hands are free - that means BOTH sets of hands, driving under the influence of drugs ('let's get stoned and go for a drive' - NO! NO! NO!), road racing a right Nigel from Oxford to Cambridge (or US equivalent - Harvard to Yale?).

I'm sure there are many others. In my experience the most frequent locations for raod accidents are (1) roundabouts - I gather you have very few of these in the states - good thinking, they make people's brains bleed) (2) narrow country lanes (3) carparks (bizarre but true). I'd better get back to work sorting out an - erm - road traffic accident now.

wv: pressep - practically a palindrome

Jono said...

Big city or small town the idiots are everywhere. For some, it seems, courtesy and common sense fly out the window when they get behind the wheel.

Catch Her in the Wry said...

Dazy: I give them 5 courtesy seconds to make up their minds, then I go. Someone has to make the first move.

Sightings: This wasn't even Thanksgiving weekend - it was earlier in the week. They couldn't use that as an excuse.

White: There's talk of building roundabouts near here because they are considered to be safer than regular intersections. I just see people going around and around in circles not being able to figure out how to get out.

Small town kids are known to drag race on country roads they think no one ever travels, until they hit someone head on.

Jono: Either everyone is considerably stressed or vehicles are too comfortable. Regardless, no one seems to be paying any attention outside his own little world.

Memphis said...

With all the driving I have to do all of those sound familiar. I hate selfish and/or stupid drivers. I had a drunk last night fly up my ass at 90 mph, then just sit in my blind spot when I got over to let them pass. When I tried to shake them off, they kept changing speeds with me. So I locked up my brakes and they pulled ahead and then locked up theirs. Apparently their reactions were slowed by the stupid or else they would have slammed on their brakes with me. I finally just had to slow to a crawl to force them to either crawl with me on the interstate or else move along. What I really wanted to do was to ram them off the road. ARGH!