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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Thoughts - 's no problem? Ha!

I do all snow shoveling by hand at my office because the sidewalk area is small and does not warrant the use of a snow-blower.  The bank next to my office has a large drive-through, and they pile their snow on my property instead of the available space on their own property on the other side of the drive. 

I have asked them politely over the past few years if they would please not do that, but my requests are continuously ignored. Because they do this, I must shovel  through 3-5 feet of piled snow in order to clear a public sidewalk. Some days it takes as long to shovel through their pile as it does to do my entire sidewalk.

The pile also extends into the street which causes an obstacle for city plows, and therefore the area for my customer parking on the street never gets cleared properly.  (The bank has its own parking lot and is situated on a corner with two sides of additional street parking.)

The residents across the street from my office plow the snow from their driveway, and instead of pushing it off to the sides of their driveway, they push it out into the street and continue pushing it across the entire width so that all their snow ends in front of my office and their side is clear. Because of the other neighbor's pile of snow, it exacerbates the problem with the city plows.

I think heavy snowfall brings out the best and the worst in people.  Unfortunately it seems the worst are in my neighborhood and simple common courtesy has disappeared.


Angry snow men mobs have now taken to the streets.

(Or else the marshmallow snowman production at the Peeps factory has gone into over-drive.)


white rabbit said...

Banks! Dontcha just hate them? In Germany you could probably sue them or have them prosecuted or something - there's a legal obligation to clear snow from in front of your premises and to make a proper job of it.

Over here by way of contrast there is the oddity that if you clear the snow from the pavement outside your house and someone slips and falls and injures themselves on the cleared patch you can be sued but if you do nothing and they slip and fall you can't be sued.

Wonderful thing law...

Catch Her in the Wry said...

white: After polite requests over the years, I decided going public might help the situation. I've posted pictures now.

Similar slipping laws are found in the US also.

Going Like Sixty said...

Wow, amazing that the bank doesn't listen to the Chamber of Commerce president. Don't they know who you are? Have somebody grab a picture of little ole you shoveling their snow and mail it to the president of the bank...
Next spring, stand at their drive up and spray everybody with water. When asked why you are doing it, tell them you are just returning their snow.

Catch Her in the Wry said...

GLS: I'm not Chamber president - that was several years ago. I have no influence now, so going public is a last resort.