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Monday, February 7, 2011

Music Monday

When the wicked witch (or the tyrant or the despot) dies, not everyone sings and dances as lightheartedly as the Munchkins did with the demise of their trouble-maker. Within the resounding ding-dong happiness, there are always those of the inner circle who mourn.

Those who weep for the tyrant are often three types: 1. Persons who knew, and eagerly and voluntarily supported the evil actions; 2. Persons who knew the evil but chose not to openly oppose it; and 3. Persons who were ignorant to the reality.

Witches are sneaky with their devilishness. They make light of their own behavior to divert their evilness to prankster or joker status. They hide aggression under the guise of pluckiness and tenacity. They masquerade as philanthropists who use largess and the bribe of giving to wield control of their "Favor Bank" accounts.

There will always be mourners for the evil.  The Munchkins should sing and dance while they can because other witches have mastered the disguise techniques and are ready, willing and able to fill the void.  The question is whether the Munchkins are smart enough to see through the foolery the next time around.


white rabbit said...

Catchy - That is just perfect. I think I love you (in the chastest way of course)

Catch Her in the Wry said...

white: awwww,shucks. Thanks. (blushing...)