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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random political rants

1.  A mentally disturbed person goes berserk at a political gathering and kills and injures people.  These things do not happen because of rhetoric, political or otherwise.  If that were the case, these types of incidents would happen more often.  Discussions, disputes, and anger have been present in politics since this country was founded.  If venomous rhetoric was the cause, there would been many more politicians being treated for bullet wounds.

2.  Stopping demonstrations at or near funerals would be another step in denying free speech in this county.  It may be disrespectful, despicable, and somewhat malicious, but it is a Constitutional right.  If we aren't careful in defending free speech, we'll soon see censorship appearing elsewhere, such as classic novels. Oops.

3.  Illinois lawmakers passed a 66% increase in the state income tax rate.  It's a "temporary increase." I remember when the 2.5% rate was only tempory, then made permanent because "it really isn't an increase in taxes; just maintaining what we have now."  The same thing was said when the rate rose to 3% and then made permanent.  With the corporate tax rate also increasing, just say bye-bye to businesses in Illinois.  Neighboring states are much more business-friendly.  Perhaps lawmakers should be considering making substantial cuts in  padded State expenditures instead of trying to milk the taxpayers dry.

Some argue that Illinois' income tax rate is low compared to most states, but Illinois has a flat tax with very few allowable deductions (retirement income is one) except for the standard deduction and few tax credits.  Most other states allow similar deductions as those available on federal income tax returns and offer numerous tax credits.  The result is generally higher taxes in Illinois, despite the "low" rate.

4.  The State of Illinois does not tax ANY retirement income.  The State and its retirement system are in financial trouble. Yet, state employees continue to get generous pensions and benefits.  In fact, many government bodies give employees substantial raises their last four years prior to retirement so that the employees will receive larger pensions upon retirement. Even the re-elected governor gave substantial salary increases to his staff late last year.  (Pensions are 100% of the average salary of the last four years of employment - for the rest of their lives!)  Of course the lawmakers don't want to tax retirement benefits - that's a tax that would directly affect their own pensions.

5.  Residency requirements to run for office are a big joke, especially when it comes to Chicago politics.  Chicago election board and a Chicago judge ruled Rahm Emanuel met the residency requirements to run for mayor of Chicago, even though he hadn't lived there the past two years. Now you understand why Chicago politics and corruption are one and the same.


Red Shoes said...

I read where Wisconsin is hopeful that some industry will come their way...

The mess with Rahm Emmanuel doesn't surprise me at all... like you say, typical Chicago politics.


Stacy said...

I couldn't have stated #1 any better. Nice to hear a voice of reason among the angry and blaming.

Memphis said...

You make great points on all of those! The guy who lives behind me is a retired Chicago city employee. He ranted to me for half an hour about how he and other black men from the South moved to Chicago to work for the Daley Administration in all the best jobs because the Daleys wanted to kick the white man out. Today he's living in a huge house and enjoying a fat pension. His job was menial and his main qualification was simply being black. That's Illinois for you.

You mention businesses leaving Illinois for states with lower corporate tax rates. The fact is, the United States has jacked up the corprate tax rates over the entire country, so its cheaper for businesses to leave America entirely and go to any of a whole host of other nations.

Catch Her in the Wry said...

shoes: Wisconsin's governor has publicly stated that he is going after Illinois businesses.

stacy: Over half the country agrees with #1, but the media keep harping about vitriol rhetoric, and they should be the ones supporting free speech.

memphis:Yes, there's no question that businesses are leaving the US for tax reasons in addition to labor costs.

Crockhead said...