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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Titillation

Monarchs are a lot like politicians.  They have their proper public sides with lengthy marriages to adoring spouses, while behind the scenes they're keeping company with mobsters, strippers and prostitutes at sex parties. This time it's 64 year old King Gustaf of Sweden. Married to his lovely wife for 34 years and proud father of three beautiful eye-candy children.

In a new unauthorized bio  ("Carl XVI Gustaf - The Reluctant King")  which has already sold out its first printing, the investigative authors allege the King had numerous affairs, sometimes bedding down with multiple women at the same time.  Apparently the King would have elaborate dinners followed by lap dances in hot tubs and bedroom trysts.  They also allege he had an affair with a Swedish singer, Camilla Hennemark (from the group Army of Lovers), with whom he had fallen love love and wanted to run off with her to a far away island. Here she is playing nurse:

But the Swedes are sticking by their King, even though he hasn't denied the allegations.

"Over 80 per cent say the lurid allegations have not changed their perception of the king - and almost 50 per cent say that it is wrong for journalists to look into the private lives of their royal family."
As for the King, he said ""We're turning the page, much like you do in your newspapers, and look ahead instead...because we have certain duties to fulfill and we have work almost every day."

So if nothing else, the new biography answers our questions of exactly what kind of work royals engage in every day.


white rabbit said...

I wonder what attracted all these women to this short, balding, ageing - erm - monarch?

Catch Her in the Wry said...

rabbit: If it wasn't his power or money, it must have been something concealed beneath his clothing.

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