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Friday, October 8, 2010

Photo Friday - From the family album

My maternal grandmother with three generations of her girls:

1926, at age 24, with her first child (my mother).

1952 (at age 50) with her first grand-child (me).

At age 81, in 1983  with her great-grand-child (my oldest daughter).
 Thanks to good genes, she always looked years younger than her actual age.  No gray hair either, but that was thanks to Miss Clairol.


white rabbit said...

Lovely photos - and isn't Little Miss Catchy a sweetie? (and her ancestor and descendant I add hastily)

Crockhead said...

You chose some very good genes. Your grandmother was a knockout in 1926. With her bobbed hair and flapper dress, I'll bet she turned heads.

Catch Her in the Wry said...

white: Little Miss Catchy was doing what she often does - trying to hide her shy face in her shoulder.

crock: Well,the young fellows did because Grandpa was almost four years younger than she. I thought Grandma looked terrific at age 50. She died in her 90's and looked like she was in her 70's.

Red Shoes said...

All of those generations of cute babies... :o)