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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Drinking our way to healthfulness

American really like their beverages.

Here are the top ten U.S. Supermarket Sales for the period June 2009-2010:

1. CARBONATED BEVERAGES $11,895,100,000

2. MILK $10,082,840,000

3. FRESH BREAD/ ROLLS $9,544,454,000

4. SALTY SNACKS $8,408,432,000

5. BEER/ALE/ALCOHOLIC CIDER $8,289,052,000

6. NATURAL CHEESE $7,233,494,000 

7. COLD CEREAL $6,025,857,000

8. FZ DINNERS/ENTREES $5,886,527,000 

9. WINE $5,707,296,000 3.58

10. CIGARETTES $4,810,215,000 3.76

Of course, when you're drinking, you need the other things like salty snacks, cheese, and cigarettes.

Other interesting observations:
Dog food sales are higher than vegetables and frozen pizza.
Cat food sales are higher than frozen vegetables and poultry.
Sanitary napkin sales are higher than seafood.

You can see the entire list here.
Using this information, here's a typical American daily diet:

Breakfast - cold cereal with milk, cigarette, and a soft drink
Mid-morning snack - salty snack and a soft drink
Lunch - bread and cheese, soft drink
Afternoon snack - soft drink
Dinner - frozen dinner, beer
Bedtime snack - glass of wine


white rabbit said...

I have to suggest that the typical American cuts out the snacks. I can only that conclude my grocery spending patters must be very atypical. I expect British patterns are pretty similar to American but it ain't me...

Catch Her in the Wry said...

white: My grocery list is nothing like the typical American one either - too many fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish.

fred and beuluh said...

yoko ono 77 yearz old
chek comment after santa photo