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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Current Events Observations

1.  What happened to the exhilaration of seeing the power of gushing oil? 

If oil companies were allowed to drill above ground in remote areas,  capping a gushing well wouldn't be nearly as difficult as capping one a mile under water.  There would also most likely be much less environmental damage if an accident occurred and certainly an easier clean-up.

2.  Al and Tipper are separating.  Could he have finally decided to step out of the closet?

That news would be just as surprising as when Clay Aiken announced that indeed he is gay.

3. If you're a drunk and desperate Duchess, it is quite all right for a journalist to capture an entrapment on hidden camera.  If you're a US senator, well, that's a different matter.


Memphis said...

It is absolutely true that had the well been permitted on dry land they'd have it capped within the day. It's precisely because they've been forced out into such extreme depths that they can't figure out how to fix this problem. That, and the constant interference of the Federal Government.

white rabbit said...

Clay Who? Is Al Gore supposed to be gay? Should I care? As the nineteenth century peer said 'as long as they don't do it in the street and frighten the horses'

Or the bactrian camels (see WR)

wv: tarytip

Crockhead said...

I'm not sure I follow your reasoning, Catcher. Too much regulation of land drilling causes oil companies to drill in the oceans? You think there is less regulation of deep sea drilling than land drilling? I'm no expert but that doesn't sound right. Because of the increased dangers, I would think there would be more regulation of ocean drilling than sea drilling. So, what is the libertarian answer for the fishermen and others who make their living from the Gulf of Mexico waters? And for the people whose beaches are fouled with oil? Blame the government? That seems really strange to me.

Crockhead said...

more regulation of ocean drilling than land drilling, not sea drilling. Old Timers Disease

Red Shoes said...

I'm amazed.. that as much as these people railed against the Bush administration... they have their own screw-ups in order... bless their hearts...

Gore gay? That wouldn't surprise me at all...

Like I said over at Memphis' place...

Obama and the likes are curious about what criminal laws BP might have broken... while totally ignoring the Expressed criminal laws that the illegal aliens from Mexico break on a daily basis... and if they figure the cost-impact of all of those illegals to be negligible... they are more screwed up than I am!!!

Wait a minute... I AM screwed up... :oD