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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All this talk about getting old is getting old

With all the baby-boomers now entering senior citizen status, it has become the media rage to explore aging and provide information on how to cope with the inevitable.

Oprah apparently has been featuring older women (50+) and giving them a stage to offer advice on embracing aging (mostly via plastic surgery, botox, and anti-aging creams).  "Brilliantly aging women" is the tagline. Yesterday she featured Raquel Welch, 69.

Yes, she has fully embraced the experience of wrinkles, grey hair, droopy eyelids and marionette mouth, don't you think?

Now Dame Helen Mirren, 65, a very fine British actress, has posed topless. You can view the entire slide show here, fully exposed ta-tas and all. She, for one, actually seems to be embracing aging by showing us how dementia can affect judgment.


Going Like Sixty said...

Your last line is classic.

Thanks for the link to Mirren's Floating Ta-tas.

white rabbit said...


Ummmmmmm .... that would tend to mean potatoes over here.

*peers querulously at potato slideshow*

Catch Her in the Wry said...

gls: You're welcome. I like to keep my readers interested and informed.

white: Now, now. No one was forcing you to look. But you were just a bit curious, were you not?

Since you are British, I will tell you that in my experience, when I put my ta-tas in hot water, they boil, turn soft, and are subsequently whipped (with butter and milk).

white rabbit said...

Good Lord!

Do you have any pics of this sort of thing?


Red Shoes said...

LOL @ White Rabbit...

Have you seen any video of the current James Taylor and Carole King concert... she looks VERY good... and was shocked when I learned she was 68...


Catch Her in the Wry said...

red: Yes, I have. I thinks she looks so good because she looks normal - not much, if any, surgical touch-ups. That's what embracing aging should be about.

white: No pics, but they would make you drool if you saw them.