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Monday, March 22, 2010

Rambling randomness

I've never understood why casseroles are so popular in the United States.  This one contains ground beef, green beans, tator tots, cheese and the requisite can of soup.  This is an exception to the proverbial "rose by any other name."  If you called this slop, no one would eat it.  Call it a casserole and it's a family favorite.  Fortunately not my family.  Perhaps I'm a snob, but I'd much prefer a hamburger steak, steamed green beans, and a baked potato with a small wedge of cheese (forget the soup) than this concoction. It would be a much more appetizing presentation and would not require much additional labor.
Quote seen on Facebook Sunday:  "Tomorrow is the beginning of the second US Civil War."  People are not at all pleased with the health care bill.  Even if there is no second civil war, I think some politicians who voted yes will be in the unemployment lines after the next election.
I don't condone the N-word, but in the 1960's Rep. John Lewis was a protester angry at people in power, so why is he intolerant of protesters who are angry at  him now that he's the one with the power ?
I"m now watching Season 2 of "Damages." I think I enjoy this series so much because most of the evil, conniving people are baby boomers: Glen Close, William Hurt, Ted Danson, Michael Nouri and Marcia Gay Harden. Ok, I'm really watching it because of William Hurt, the star of all my early adulthood fantasies.

Unfortunately, he's put on some weight and hasn't aged well, but I still think he's a great actor, especially when portraying a brooding, soft spoken intellectual.
By the way, Happy 60th Birthday, Bill (March 20, 1950).


Red Shoes said...

Hey you... thought of you last night when 'Breaking Bad' started its new season... did you watch it??

I'm not happy with the format of the health care bill... I am hoping that some changes can be made... it's NOT a good plan, in my opinion...

When I think of William Hurt, I think of two roles... one, a young William Hurt in 'Body Heat' (hubba hubba hubba) and then in the Kevin Costner movie where he is the hit man... and William Hurt, I guess, plays his conscience.... what a great role...


Jane said...

I'm going to stay as far as possible from the health care conversation, but as for the casserole thing...

It reminded me about an interesting article I read recently about the way that large fast food companies engineer their foods. The goal is to have an "ideal" combination of high fat/salt/sugar content (three things that make food most irresistable), layers of many ingredients for added percieved value (like a bacon double cheeseburger), and a highly processed, softer texture, so more food can be consumed at once.

So it occurred to me that casseroles are like the fast food of cooking at home. They always have lots of rich ingredients, cooked until soft, and additionally, they're seen as easy to make... even though you're right, it's not that much harder to make a much healthier meal.

You're very lucky that you're not a sucker for the processed, high-calorie food like most of us. :-)

Jane said...

Also, certain readers of yours are harassing me about not posting to my own blog. The guilt is starting to get to me...

Anonymous said...

Tator tot casserole mmmmmm good.
We also put in a can of corn.

white rabbit said...

I do agree that putting a tin of soup in any food is a sure fire way to ruin it.

Okay I stick my neck out on the health care thing - there's an entire continent here which is completely bemused as to what on earth the fuss is about. Give it a few years and I will bet that there will be two continents completely bemused as to what the fuss was about.

Jus sayin.

white rabbit said...

I should say re the tin of soup I mean the contents after the tin is opened. Not just tossing a tin of soup in the casserole/whatever.

Jus sayin part 2




Catch Her in the Wry said...

red: Body Heat and Children of a Lesser God both had hot scenes.

I'm still waiting for Season 2 of Breaking Bad to arrive - I don't have cable so I resort to DVDs.

jane: Interesting comparison of casseroles to fast food as far as nutritional content and texture. But I still say it takes more work and time to make a casserole.

I send my readers to do my dirty work when it comes to harassing my children.

white: I rather like the idea of just throwing the can itself into the casserole to add some chewable texture.

anon: Yes, corn, green beans, fried potatoes, and ground beef - staples of the Midwestern US.