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Monday, November 9, 2009

Now your news, now

One area TV station's tag line is "Your news leader." It should be "Your news now." They continuously over-use the word now. Just tonight, their Springfield reporter used the word now 7 times in a 60 second news story.

The beginning of this post was also mocking them. Their promos always include "one area school" or "one area town" or "one area business."

It hasn't gotten better since I wrote my rant last year.


Anonymous said...

We refer to that channel's new program as, "The Stupid News."

Jason said...

"And now we take you to a story on an area blogger who now thinks that one area news station needs a new tag line now. And now the story, from Jennifer."

"Yes, now she's saying that our new tag line should now read 'Your news now.' Now, her complaint is that one news reporter used the word 'now' too many times. Now back to you, Dave."

"Thanks, Jennifer. Now, let's hear about one area school's attempt to 'end hunger now'."

I think I now know what you're talking about, now.

Catch Her in the Wry said...

Jason: Your news leader should hire you. You've got the all right qualifications.

Anon: That station lost me as a regular viewer a couple years ago.
Recently a relative from out of state saw the station's news broadcast and commented that it looked like a high school production with the cheerleaders in charge. Many of their women reporters need to learn how to lower their voice pitch.