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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Animal House

It is very disconcerting waking up to find a strange cat perched in your kitchen window inside your house.

Apparently there was a cat sleep-over last night, and Cootie and Miss Kitty neglected to tell me. Most likely the orange tabby, who had made herself comfortable in the kitchen, had drunk too much beer and decided to spend the night rather than risk driving home.

Or perhaps she had sneaked into our house when the door was slightly ajar last night and she ultimately found herself trapped. She didn't seem to object to me picking her up this morning and stroking her fur as I carried her to the door. As I set her down outside, she thanked me for the luxurious accommodations including an abundance of food, water, and clean litter box, then scampered off to the house next door where she lives.

Her parents probably gave her the third degree when she showed up, demanding to know where she'd been all night. I'll offer an excuse for her later, because my cats aren't talking.

This is not the first time strange creatures have shown up in my house. There have been other cats and there have been bats. We do have one of these lurking around the rear of the yard. I just hope he doesn't show up inside the house some day.

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