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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Aliens crossing the border

I hope my daughter doesn't mind me sharing this.

She and her husband attended a wedding party in Canada recently. They flew to New York and drove two hours into Ontario for the festivities.

Border crossing (into Canada) conversation:

Canadian Border Guard: Why are you coming to Canada?
SIL & Daughter: To attend a wedding. Well, it's not actually a wedding. It's a reception since they got married somewhere else.
CBG: And where's the wedding?
SIL & Daughter: _____, Ontario
CBG: And what hotel/motel are you staying in there?
SIL & Daughter: Well, we're not actually staying in ____; we're staying in ______, Ontario.
CBG: And just why are you staying there and not in ____ where the reception is?
SIL & Daughter: Well, all the motels were full so that's the closest place we could find a motel room.
CBG: So, do you have anything to declare?
SIL & Daughter: No.
CBG: You mean you don't have a wedding present to declare for this reception you say you're going to?
SIL & Daughter: No, they didn't want presents, just a donation to a charity.
CBG: And just what charity did you donate to for your wedding gift?
SIL & Daughter: An elephant sanctuary in Tennessee.

Despite the true, but implausible answers, the CBG allowed them into the country where they had a fantastic time with their elephant loving friends. There was no problem getting back into the US.


Crockhead said...

We had a similar experience last weekend going into Canada for the 50th wedding anniversary of The Wife's uncle. We had in-laws in the back seat. The Canadian border questioner seemed very suspicious about where we had met up, where we were staying, why we weren't staying together, etc. But, she did let us in. Coming back there were few questions, but there was a long backup -- to the point where I thought I was going to run out of gas before we crossed the bridge into Port Huron. (I had been waiting to buy some cheap U.S. gasoline.)

Jane said...

I definitely don't mind you sharing! My hope is that if I appear in your blog often enough, I'll become a minor internet celebrity someday.