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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bad and Good Moments of Growing Older


1. The day my Victoria's Secret catalog arrived and I realized it was addressed to my daughter.

2. Watching a commercial about urinary problems and the setting is a Class of 68 reunion.

3. People assuming that the young man accompaning me is my son, not my boyfriend (He's neither)


1. Having to show my ID to the clerk at Bergner's to get my discount on "Seniors" day even after I show her my "Seniors" card.

2.Strangers assuming I am my younger brother's wife, not his 6 year senior sister.

3. Having naturally grey highlights in my hair that I used to pay big bucks to add artificially.

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Anonymous said...

I decided I liked visiting catch-her-in-the-wry personally better than in emails...
(I think I'm in the wrong comment section here, but about the action figures, did you see the one of Jesus anywhere on your "shopping" trip? But maybe that one goes under a different heading!)