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Monday, March 17, 2008

5 interesting things about me Meme

Katherine tagged me and this was tough because just a few months ago I did a "100 things about me" for my 100th post. These are new:

1. My maternal great,-great,-great,-great (etc) grandfather loaned Gutenberg the money to build his printing press.

2. I was the first female president of the local Chamber of Commerce and also the second.

3. I do a very good imitation of Elaine's famous Seinfeld dance scene.

4. Walking down from the Parthenon in Athens in 1991, I saw a man whipping through the air what, at first glance, I thought was a lariat, until I realized that he was wildly masturbating in full public view. That was a trip I'll always remember.

5. I remember hundreds of numbers including license plates, phone numbers, zip codes, routing numbers, bank accounts, credit card numbers, passwords, etc., but I have a difficult time putting names with faces.

I'm not tagging anyone else because I think this meme has pretty much made the rounds.


Crockhead said...

Here's an interesting fact: If you google Elaine's famous seinfeld dance scene you get 28,000 hits and you're Number Two. I didn't check the other 27,999 sites, so I still don't know what that famous scene is, not having watched much Seinfeld.

You memorize bank routing numbers?? Now THAT'S an interesting fact, even beating out loaning Guttenburg the money for his printing press.

Going Like Sixty said...

Who would have imagined that Guttenburg would have to borrow money? Just something that never occurred to me!
Has it been paid or are you still trying to collect? Hooboy, imagine the interest!

Catch Her in the Wry said...

crock: Knowing bank routing numbers comes from doing so many income tax returns with direct deposit refunds. After a few hundred returns for a number of years, they are imbedded in your brain.

gls: As far as I know, the debt's been repaid. Maybe is wasn't really a loan, but an investment in Gutenburg's new idea. I don't know. I just remember my mother showing me the family name in the Encyclopedia Britannica article about Gutenburg.

Going Like Sixty said...

That is very cool. Did you add that to his wikipedia entry? I would.
Just think of all the investment opportunities that would come your way.