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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Presidential address

In case you missed the president's address last night, here it is:

1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC

Stare at this for 53 minutes and you'll be as emotionally charged as you would have been last night.


Crockhead said...

Ha, Ha. I didn't watch. A friend called and wanted to come over and watch it together. I made an excuse.

Going Like Sixty said...

Damn, I wish I would have thought to write that!

Kirk M said...

Ah, glad you told us. Now I'm not so upset I missed something I didn't really care about in the first place. Besides, I haven't had my television hooked up for over ten years now. I figure if I want to hear the President speak, I'll drive over and ring the bell. :D

By the way, could you possibly turn the "Nickname" feature back on for comments? It sure would help this non-Blogger blogger a lot. The Nickname feature lets me add my site's URL to my name. Please?

Anonymous said...

The president gave a speech last night?

rdl said...

lol. didn't watch - counting the days.