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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

5 Things Meme

Tagged by Alice at Wintersong for this meme: Name 5 things in my life that I never dreamed, when I was 25, would be in my life now.

1. Cats - Always a dog lover, I hated cats. They're aloof, independent, won't come when you call, and climb on things. Then Miss Kitty showed up in our yard, emaciated and trying to nurse a litter of three. She won me over and so did the runt of the litter. Now we have cats - in the house.

2. Kids - I never thought I wanted children. I had never been around babies or small children much. Didn't think I'd have enough time and energy to give children the commitment they deserved. At age 33, I changed my mind and got pregnant right away. That was the best change of heart I've ever had.

3. The home town - When I went off to college, I never wanted to return to the home town. I was ready for new adventures and was sick of small town living. But pleas from family members to come back and help with the family business turned from temporary help to long-term commitment. Now I've been back for 31 years.

4. My husband - It never crossed my mind that I would be married to a high school buddy, who was also co-editor of the school newspaper with me and someone with whom I refused to go to prom.

5. Internet - I was always interested in technology, but being so easily connected to all parts of the world was more than I ever imagined. For rural areas especially, it has opened doors to information, education entertainment, socialization, and commerce.


Anonymous said...

I love that you now love cats. When I was growing up cats were hated at our house. I was always feeling sorry for the strays that were always stopping by--and trying to scare them away because I knew my brother would shoot them if they kept lying around outside along the kitchen window sills. I had dogs, but even they stayed in the yard or under the house where the fleas devoured them. I too took in a cat when I had my first home (of my own) and I've been a cat lover ever since. I found them better than dogs in that they didn't need me so much, and I didn't feel as guilty leaving them alone as I did when I had dogs that seemed to worship the ground I walked on. I'm sure a psychologist could explain that to me, and maybe you get your own ideas from that about me, too. Anyhow, I enjoyed your response to my meme.

Edna said...

I too married a home town boy, which I would have never DREAMED of doing in high school ... I'm glad I changed my mind. Our home town turned into a city after we were married and grew and grew so we looked for another small town.

Rhea said...

So, not quite high school sweethearts.