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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Testing, testing, is anyone still there?

My New Year's resolution was to blog more this year. I should say to go back to blogging since I've been gone for nearly 6 months. Now it's the 10th day into the new year, and I am only now making a feeble attempt at a comeback.

So I'll take the lazy way and start off with a meme from another blogger Memphis Steve. And being even lazier, my dog is guest blogger today.

The 3 Meme

 Three names I go by: Lola, LolaBola, Preeety Doggie

Three places I have lived: little farm, big farm, small town

Three places I worked: I don't have to work.  I'm a kept woman.

Three things I love to watch: humans eating, squirrels and rabbits running from me, stupid cats using a scratch post

Three places I have been: back yard, farm, vet

Three people that email me regularly: No one. I don't even hear from my 40+ children

Three things I love to eat: cat poop, rabbit droppings, toffee

Three people I think will respond: dog owners, dog lovers, cat haters

Three things I am looking forward to: pooping, eating, napping


Red Shoes said...


Welcome back, you... when I got to the part about where 'you' ate cat pooh, I had to go back and re-read, and found the part where you were answering for your dog... suddenly, it made more sense.

It's good to 'see' you around... whenever I think about 'home,' I think of you and hope all is well.

Happy New Year...


the sandwich life said...

still here....welcome back!

Crockhead said...

I am.

Memphis said...

OK, I missed the part about you answering for your dog, so when I got to the "love to eat" part I was really confused! HA HA! Welcome back.

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Whats that cat up to? haha!

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