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Monday, October 17, 2011

Music Monday with a side of rant

Yesterday morning I'm on my way to the big town.  Lawful person that I am, I'm putt-putting along at the posted 55 mph and suddenly they start passing me.  Geesh! The first one must be going at least 70, the second 75 or more.  Very soon a third overcomes me - this one perhaps only 10 miles over.  I encounter similar scofflaws any Sunday morning I'm on that road.

I am not traveling on an Interstate.  This is a road with intersections every half mile and often has agriculture equipment traveling on it, especially this time of year.

Now you're probably thinking that these clowns are just trying to get home for some sleep after a wild Saturday night that lasted into early morning.

You could be wrong.  But if you said these drivers were church-going people you'd be right. 

Yes, these people are in a hurry to get to church.  Catholic church.  I know this because a whole two minutes later as I pass the Catholic church on the west side of the road, the suit and tie perpetrators are exiting their cars and heading into a building with a sign in front that says "Catholic Church". 

It might be that they want to be first in line to confess their Saturday night antics, or perhaps to confess that they were speeding to the church in order to do so. 

3 Hail Marys and you're always forgiven in the Catholic Church.

Nope. They got it all wrong.  Not a cop to be seen anywhere. 

I only hope that as those church-goers drive the fast track to meet their Maker, they don't take other unsuspecting folk with them.


Red Shoes said...

LMBO... I liked this... and especially The Drive By Truckers!!!


Crockhead said...

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Their sin bladders were bursting.

Tom said...

I'm with you. Hate the speeders; love the Drive By Truckers.

Memphis said...

I totally solved this problem. I skipped church.