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Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Frenzy


OK, I don't live in LA, but I have been there and yes, the traffic is horrible.  But do you really need to go out and stock up on food when the major highway(I-405) is only closed for two days - on a weekend?

This type of panic in the city reminds me when a major water main burst in Boston a while ago, and a blogger called the few days of annoyance as "a taste of the apocalypse".  People were fighting over bottled water.  They HAD running tap water, which they simply needed to boil before drinking.  And they HAD toilets that flushed. And they HAD electricity to run their electronics.

These are times we country folk can turn the tables on the city folk and call THEM bumpkins. We live with these inconveniences all the time.  They have no idea how to deal with a REAL disaster.

Casey Anthony

Thanks to non-stop media coverage of the Casey Anthony trial, the public was worked up into a frenzy to kill the jurors for returning the "wrong" verdict. 

Having been imprisoned  sequestered for over two months, those jurors had plenty of time to mull over and examine what was presented in the court room and make informed decisions without influence from the media circus going on outside their quarters.

Thank goodness we have a legal system that allows "beyond reasonable doubt."  Would the madding crowd prefer legals systems found in other countries, such as Italy, where strong evidence of reasonable doubt is ignored?

And why, exactly, was the media so hyped-up over this specific case?  There have numerous cases of mothers on trial for killing their children, but none with the publicity of this kind.  Was it simply because in Florida cameras are allowed in the courtroom?


Corporate sponsors are everywhere these days - ball parks, schools, stadiums.  So I've been wondering why Kentucky hasn't approached KY for corporate sponsorship of their tourism bureau.

"Two minutes of intense, bestial aerobics with no chafing."

"Lubricated hot rides at the National Corvette Museum."

What's your KY tourism slogan?


Red Shoes said...

Hey you... Happy Approaching weekend...

I totally agree with your points on the pending Los Angeles doom... they just don't get it, do they?

I am wondering what HLN (Headline News) is going to do when/if the Casey Anthony story ever goes away... Dr. Drew and others on that channel ask, 'why is Casey Anthony such a hot topic for the public?'

Hell, one of the reasons is that they (HLN) have been non-stop on that topic every since the trial started!!!!

Nancy Grace (blerk) and others have just droned and droned and droned on the topic.

Like you pointed out, there are TONS of events like this happening everyday...


I don't understand all of the excitement over that jelly from Kentucky (KY)... I have used it on toast and it basically has no taste at all, although the toast does go down rather easy...

Thank God it's Friday!!!


Catch Her in the Wry said...

shoes: Nancy Grace publicly convicted Anthony before all evidence was presented. She should be disbarred.

I supposed one needs to use the jelly if they have a swallowing problem.

Happy weekend to you.

Going Like Sixty said...

When things get hard cum to KY.

Catch Her in the Wry said...

GLS: Ha! Priceless! I knew a former KY resident would think of a good one.

white rabbit said...

I love it when you talk dirty


*exit fanning self*

Catch Her in the Wry said...

rabbit: Posts with subjects of trials and juries generally do get attorneys/soliciters overly-excited.

white rabbit said...

Catchy - Ermmm....

Jon said...

Maybe the citiots in L.A. were afraid they wouldn't be able to get to the mall for some KY. Get lucky in KY. Slip in to Mammoth Cave.

Now that Casey has slipped out of sight, what will Nancy Grace do for a living?

Jane said...

Your KY jokes reminded me of this SNL sketch: