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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Titillation (and WoeWee)

A fellow in Ohio likes to play around.  He can't decide if he likes the German Shepherd, the horse, or the blow up sheep.

The kicker is apparently there is no law against bestiality in Ohio, so it must be determined if his dog was harmed in order to even charge him with animal cruelty.  The dog isn't talking.


Even if you're not a golf fan, you've probably heard about Rory McIlroy, the 22 year old Irishman who won the US Open Sunday.   

It's a good thing that Barbara Walters isn't a sports announcer or we'd be hearing a lot about WoeWee Mcawoy:


white rabbit said...

Blow up sheep! Happy memories!

Ermmmmm... I'd better explain. The most interesting, longest and (still) most lucrative case I ever did was defending one of a number of new age travellers who were prosecuted for causing a public nuisance in relation to an unlicensed rave/festival (google Castlemorton Common rave if interested).

You probably don't have this in the states but if the case goes on for a certain length of time it is the custom for counsel to treat the judge to dinner (unless you can't stand the judge but this was a nice judge). We had the dinner in a large room in the hotel where most of us were staying for the duration of the case. Now when not interrupted by ravers, Castlemorton Common - which is rather beautiful and in a beautiful part of the country - was mostly occupied by sheep so the sheep and the inconvenience they and the local farmers were put to figured prominently in th evidence.

A couple of wags went to a joke shop on the day of the dinner and bought some blow up sheep. The shop owner was keen to impress taht the sheep had an - erm - hole at the back. I can confirm that this was the case.

The sheep were duly inflated and floated up to the ceiling of the hotel room where the diner was and whence they surveyed the scene in general and one of Her Majesty's circuit judges (later a High Court judge) in particular.

Jus sayin'

Catch Her in the Wry said...

It might be considered a bribe here if you take the judge to dinner during a trial. Loved the flying sheep story!

I was glad to hear you were on the defense side of the case. Question is: Did you win?

white rabbit said...

Yes we did win. The case was transferred from the local court- very middle class county town Worcester to Wolverhampton - working class, urban and gritty. The Wolverhampton jury plainly thought the prosecution was the biggest load of old rubbish they had ever heard and acquitted all 16 defendants. :))