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"A dame who knows the ropes isn't likely to get tied up." Mae West

Sunday, April 12, 2009

3 More Days to Better Posts

1. What is your current obsession? getting all these people's taxes done by 4/15

2. What’s a good coffee place? Dunno. I only drink sweet brown carbonated drinks over ice.
3. Who was the last person that you hugged? a tax client

4. Do you nap a lot? Never. I get all my sleep between 10 pm-6 am

5. Tonight, what’s for dinner? roasted herb chicken, dressing, roasted new potatoes, garlicky green beans, strawberry shortcake

6. What was the last thing that you bought? a box of Whoppers (candy)

7. What is your favorite weather? 62 degrees, clear skies, no wind, autumn day

8. Tell us something about one blogger who you think will play this week? a frackin' crazy guy will probably play this meme, play golf, play bartender, and play hooky

9. If you were given a free house that was full furnished, where in the world would you like it to be? in my basement so Barbie & Ken could have their own place. They make entirely too much noise when I'm trying to sleep.

10. Name three things that you could not live without. air, food, and water

11. What would you like in your hands right now? the whole world

12. What’s one of your guilty pleasures? pleasuring my guilt

13. What would you change or eliminate about yourself? I'd eliminate myself entirely and start over from scratch to ultimately be this:

14. As a child, what type of career did you want? philanthropist

15. What are you missing right now? Easter dinner
16. What are you currently reading? list of clients yet to come in by April 15
17. What do you fear the most? having to file extensions for clients yet to come in by April 15th. Tax season is long enough as it is, folks.
18. What’s the best movie that you’ve seen recently? Religulous, just last night (rather apropos for Easter weekend, don't you think?)
19. What’s your favorite book from the past year? Ruby Ann's Down Home Trailer Park Cookbook
20. Is there a comfort food from your childhood that you still enjoy? Coca-cola (it's a food group at the top of my food pyramid)


His d said...

Love the cookbook cover! Probably lots of yummy recipes in there, too, and none of them allowed on my diet.

I am Harriet said...

Like the Barbi house.

Hazel, Bangkok said...

no. 13 - isn't she gorgeous! I love your farm photo :)