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Monday, March 2, 2009

No right to bare arms

Some in the country are abuzz about Michelle Obama wearing sleeveless dresses.

If she can bare her arms in the middle of winter, I say they're wasting energy in those government buildings and they need to turn the thermostats down like the rest of us must do. Cutting federal spending and saving energy should begin at the White house if this "energy crisis" is for real.

Mrs. Obama can wear a Snuggie if she is too cold. Then she would be the ultimate fashionista.

And speaking of Snuggies, here's something from a great Central Illinois comic strip The Dinette Set, by Julie Larson:


The Fearless Freak said...

What we're probably not seeing from that picture is that she has a sweater. It lookslike a large gathering of people, probably hot lights, etc. In that situation, I would very likely wear sleeveless and put on a sweatshirt when I got home.

I did wear a sleeveless dress to TB's Christams concert in January (darn snow days), even though it was about 14 outside and I wasn't the slighest bit cold. I about froze to deat when I got home but there were 300 parents all crammed in a gym there either.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the posting. I'm sorry fearless freak, she has a very critical point. Wasting energy is wasting energy. The bright lights and crap waste electricity, and harsh lights on their wrinkled lying faces are harsh on my eyes.