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Monday, January 12, 2009

Streaming movies

As far as I am concerned, Netflix was the greatest thing to happen to people who live in small communities or rural areas, where dvd rentals are slim to none and the big video stores and movie theaters are miles (and several gallons of expensive gasoline) away. I thought the convenience of a movie queue and the speedy delivery of dvds through the mail couldn't be surpassed, but technology again has found a better way.

With Netflix offering unlimited movie watching (at least for now) via computer or tv, I seem to be taking more and more advantage of the opportunity. Several times in recent months I've found myself between dvd deliveries with nothing to watch and watching them instantly has proven a valuable alternative. In fact, the only movies that I now have in my queue are those that are not yet available on the instant menu.

The most exciting thing now is the partnership Netflix has developed with tv manufacturers to have the streaming capabilities built directly into the tv, with no extra attached equipment needed. I love technology; it's making life so much simpler.

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