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Saturday, November 8, 2008

First Broken Campaign Promise

The new President-elect promised a puppy from a shelter for his daughters. Now it looks like it will be an expensive pure-bred. All of a sudden, in the last couple days since the election, one of the girls has developed an allergy to dogs. But of course, that news wasn't released until they were assured of votes from the PETA block. So the savior won't be saving a puppy from extermination. Maybe he isn't God after all.


Anonymous said...

That's not my recollection of what he said. He said that would be their preference but that one of his daughter's has allergies and they needed to find a dog that wouldn't aggravate those.

Jane said...

MidlifeMutant - that was my impression as well.

Anonymous said...

Be careful, catch. You're in die-hard Obama country. I think they snuck the Kool-Aid into the Mahomet aquifer while no one was looking!