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Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Real Life Scary Movie Story - repeat post from 2007

I had turned off the bedside lamp about 15 minutes earlier and had just drifted into a deep sleep. A screeching sound pierced my dreams. Or was the ghoulish scream only part of the nightmare? I half-awoke to find my husband was soundly sleeping, as was the dog at the foot of the bed. Must have been dreaming.

Laying my head back on the pillow, I shut my eyes and tried to recapture the sleep mode.


I sat straight up, but husband and dog continued sleeping. I thought I must be crazy. Was I the only one hearing this ghostly shrill? Then I heard the scratchy moan yet again, but not nearly as loud. It appeared to be coming from beneath me.

Quietly I got out of bed, trying not to disturb the others. I knelt on the floor in the pitch black room and reached around under the bed, assuring myself that nothing was there.

I patted the floor. Nothing. I reached further into the void. Nothing. Patted the floor again.

"YEWOOOO!" This time the screech came from me.

My hand had landed on something warm and hairy and I jerked back suddenly. It wasn't the dog; he was still on top of the bed. Shivers were running through me and before they could reach my toes, I had the light turned on.

Shaking but with some courage, I peeked under the bed to see what I really did not want to see.

It was only a cat, much to my relief. Then it suddenly dawned on me:

We didn't own a cat.

By now, husband and dog were awake wondering what all the ruckus was. I reached back under the bed and pulled out the friendly feline, who was as frightened of the situation as I."How in the world did it get in here? " I mumbled as I walked downstairs to the back door and released one happy critter.

Then I saw my big potted palm that I had brought inside late that afternoon. I had propped the door wide open and with a few minutes of effort, I dragged the plant into the house due to frost warnings. Apparently the cat ran inside during my struggle and made a protective bee-line under our bed, perhaps after confronting our tiny poodle. Some watchdog she was.

Every child worries about the hairy creature under the bed or in the closet. I just never expected to ever meet up with it personally. Never want to again. Especially in the dark.

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