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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What do you do with your wad?

This weekend I noticed my foot was bothering me. I thought my shoe had a rock stuck on the sole, but after examining it I discovered it was a nasty piece of chewed gum and it wasn't about to be easily extracted from its new home. I tried scraping my foot along the street curbing and running my foot back and forth numerous times on a gravel area, all to no avail. It took a knife and some digging to get the dang thing off.

Not only do I consider this totally disgusting, I find the entire concept of gum chewing repulsive. I pretty much equate the action as human cud chewing.

Then there's the whole other issue of smacking, chomping, and drooling that often accompanies it. And don't even tell me how appealing it is to place a popped bubble from your face, back into your mouth. After it's used, it seems the etiquette is to throw your big pink wad onto the ground or hide it under a table top

I'm not afraid of gum like Oprah is, but if I could ban it from polite society, I wouldn't hesitate to do so.

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Bear Naked said...

I will always remember my grade 10 teacher telling all of us that when she saw any of us girls chewing gum that we looked like cows chewing their cuds.
She must have made a huge impression because since that day, I no longer chew gum.